Petite Etrangere Shanghai Dates Announced


Location: Shanghai Theatre Academy (上海戯劇学院上戯劇院)

Dates: Jan 16th - 18th


1/16 Friday - 7.30PM Kanda 

1/17 Saturday - 1.30PM Kanda 7.30PM Kanda

1/18 Sunday - 1.30PM Kuge 7.30PM Kuge


A席:580元 B席:380元 C席:280元 D席:180元

※中国時間 2014年11月10日(月)11:00



VIP: 880 Yuan, with commemorative photo of the 5 Senshi, Musical Pamphlet, Original penlight and original clear file

※Photo with the 5 senshi subject to change.

A seat: 580 Yuan

B seat: 380 Yuan

C seat: 280 Yuan

Seat D: 180 yuan
(Advance-day both / all seats reserved including tax)

«General ticket Release Date»
November 10, 2014 (Mon) 12:00 
※ 10 月 11 日 2014 年 China time (Mon) 11:00


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do they come in a variety of sizes? i just assumed they wouldn’t have my size and didn’t even try lmao

There’s a small, medium, and large :)

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Ok I think every girl should get themselves a set of Sailor Moon underwear. I was really hesitant to get it, but it makes you feel so darn cute 😊



For all I get irritated with the Myus, I totally love the idea of Home Economics teacher Endymion-style. 

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How to dork: 大運動会 (Top Star) ver.


You can dork on your own:

Or with a friend:

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Back to bed I guess? I feel so sick

My teacher sent me back because I’m sick.  Maybe I’ll work on some designs for red bubble?

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